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Version 1.4 handles the following formatting.




Character formatting/styles

Font family (converted to a generic font family in LaTeX: rm, sf, tt), size, bold, italics, small caps, subscript, superscript, colour, language (for hyphenation), convert to lowercase and uppercase. Underlining and crossing out (using ulem.sty).

Supports most formatting attributes.

Paragraph formatting/styles

Supports alignment, line spacing and margins.

Supports most formatting attributes.

List formatting/styles

Complete support for labels, except images. Partial support for indents and label placement.

Rudimentary support for labels.

Page formatting/styles

Margins, header- and footer separation, footnote separator line. Header and footer: Only first paragraph is exported (as one line).


Frame formatting/styles

Not supported.

Supports most formatting attributes; but only rudimentary support for placement of frames.

Table formatting

Supports column width and borders (always uses single borders). Also support for background color (using colortbl.sty).

Supports most formatting attributes.

Section formatting (columns)

Supports number of columns (using multicol.sty ).


Outline numbering

Complete support for numbering up to five levels.

Complete support for numbering up to six levels.

Footnotes and endnotes configuration

Supports numbering and styles.

Supports numbering and styles.

Line numbering

Not supported

Not supported

Index formatting

LaTeX's default is used for table of contents, list of tables and list of figures.

The bibliography is formatted as in the source document or using a BibTeX style selected by the user.

Uses the paragraph styles specified in the table of contents.

The bibliography is formatted as in the source document.