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General FAQ

When I try to convert a large document I get the error message “The document could not be written”. How can I fix that?

This might indicate that Java has run out of memory. See here for instructions in this case.

Why do I get an error message when I click the Help button in LibreOffice?

The default installation of LibreOffice does not include the help system. You need to install a help pack for your language separately. Please download this from

The export dialog shows up in a strange language, what is wrong?

If your language is not supported, the dialogs may show up in an arbitrary language if you are using version 3.1 or earlier, due to a bug in This bug is fixed in 3.2 and later.

What about the other direction, LaTeX2Writer?

Thanks to excellent work by Maarten Wisse, James Naughton and Eitan M. Gurari, a converter from LaTeX to Writer is available as part of Eitan M. Gurari's TeX4ht system, see Writer2LaTeX supports some simple roundtrip editing with TeX4ht.

Do you plan to support ConTeXt as well?

Currently not.