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The Writer4LaTeX frontend for LaTeX

Traditionally, LaTeX code has been written by hand. If you find this too technical and somewhat arcane, using a graphical editor like LyX is an alternative. The Writer extension Writer4LaTeX will aim to provide the tools to turn Writer into a graphical editor for LaTeX, thus providing a simple alternative to LyX. Writer4LaTeX integrates Writer with your LaTeX distribution, enabling you to control the entire process from within Writer.

You should beware, that Writer and LaTeX differs quite a lot in concepts – so there will always to be some limitations. In particular LaTeX is really a programming language, while Writer works with a finite feature set. This implies that you never will be able to produce arbitrary LaTeX documents using Writer. Expert users may embed LaTeX code directly in the document to work around this limitation.

Writer4LaTeX will aim to provide a smooth and seamless integration of Writer with your LaTeX distribution. It is a major goal that it should be possible to use Writer4LaTeX without any technical knowledge of LaTeX, and yet give the expert user access to (almost) the full power of LaTeX.