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Installation FAQ

I get the error message “Could not create Java implementation loader” when I try to install the extension. What can I do?

You are either missing a Java runtime environment on your system, or LibreOffice/Apache OpenOffice is not configured to use it.

I get the error message “” when I try to install the extension on Ubuntu. What can I do?

Your are missing a package on your system. To install it, open a terminal window and type

sudo aptitude install

Why can I not install the extensions in on Mac OS X?

On Mac OS X the Java integration in 3.2 and earlier is broken. Consequently, you cannot use Writer2LaTeX as an export filter (the command line version is not affected). This bug is fixed in 3.3. Use a recent version of LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice, or see this page for a workaround.

Why does the export dialog show up in a strange language?

If your language is not supported, the dialogs may show up in an arbitrary language if you are using version 3.1 or earlier, due to a bug in This bug is fixed in 3.2 and later.

I have installed Writer2LaTeX as an export filter, but I cannot find it in the Save As menu?

The Writer2LaTeX filters are located in the File – Export menu. This is the place for export-only filters in LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice

I have installed Writer2LaTeX as an export filter, but I cannot find the filters in the Export menu?

First try restarting LibreOffice/Apache OpenOffice.

In rare cases this does not help – this problem has been seen in some versions of Ubuntus installation of In that case, open the Extension Manager in, disable the extension and reenable it. Now restart, and the filters should appear. If this still does not help, try to install any other extension and restart