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Last update: 2018/03/08


Writer2LaTeX, Writer2BibTeX, Writer2xhtml and Calc2xhtml

News 2018/03/09: New beta test release Writer2LaTeX 1.6 beta is available

News 2015/02/16: New stable release Writer2LaTeX 1.4 is available

Writer2LaTeX is a utility written in java. It converts documents in OpenDocument format  – in particular documents containing formulas – into other formats. It is actually a collection of four converters:



Writer2LaTeX converts documents into LaTeX 2e format for high quality typesetting.

Writer2xhtml converts documents into XHTML 1.0, XHTML 1.1, XHTML 1.1+MathML 2.0 or HTML5 with CSS2. This provides standards-compliant XHTML and brings your math to the web.

In addition, Writer2xhtml converts documents into EPUB format for reading on a variety of devices.



Writer2BibTeX is a companion to Writer2LaTeX that extracts bibliographic data from a document and stores it in BibTeX format.

Calc2xhtml is a companion to Writer2xhtml that converts spreadsheet documents to XHTML 1.0 or XHTML 1.1 with CSS2 to display your spreadsheets on the web.

Writer2LaTeX contains...

The current version is usable for documents of any size, but you may find that it lacks a few features for book-size documents, see the feature list.

Writer2LaTeX is available under the Gnu Lesser General Public License and can be downloaded here.