Uses of Interface

Packages that use Document

Uses of Document in writer2latex.bibtex

Classes in writer2latex.bibtex that implement Document
 class BibTeXDocument
          Class representing a BibTeX document.

Uses of Document in writer2latex.epub

Classes in writer2latex.epub that implement Document
 class ContainerWriter
          This class creates the required META-INF/container.xml file for an EPUB package (see
 class NCXWriter
          This class creates the required NXC file for an EPUB document (see
 class OPFWriter
          This class writes an OPF-file for an EPUB document (see

Uses of Document in writer2latex.latex

Classes in writer2latex.latex that implement Document
 class LaTeXDocument
          Class representing a LaTeX document.

Uses of Document in writer2latex.xhtml

Classes in writer2latex.xhtml that implement Document
 class XhtmlDocument
          An implementation of Document for XHTML documents.

Uses of Document in writer2latex.xmerge

Classes in writer2latex.xmerge that implement Document
 class BinaryGraphicsDocument
          Class representing a binary graphics document.
 class DOMDocument
          An implementation of Document for StarOffice documents.
 class NewDOMDocument
          An extension of DOMDocument that overrides the write method.
 class OfficeDocument
          An implementation of Document for StarOffice documents.