Class SectionStyleConverter

  extended by writer2latex.xhtml.ConverterHelper
      extended by writer2latex.xhtml.StyleConverterHelper
          extended by writer2latex.xhtml.StyleWithPropertiesConverterHelper
              extended by writer2latex.xhtml.SectionStyleConverter

public class SectionStyleConverter
extends StyleWithPropertiesConverterHelper

This class converts OpenDocument section styles to CSS2 styles. Sections are formatted using (a subset of) box properties and with columns. The latter would require css3 to be converted (column-count property)

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class writer2latex.xhtml.StyleConverterHelper
bConvertHard, bConvertStyles, nType, styleMap, styleNames
Fields inherited from class writer2latex.xhtml.ConverterHelper
config, converter, ofr
Constructor Summary
SectionStyleConverter(OfficeReader ofr, XhtmlConfig config, Converter converter, int nType)
          Create a new SectionStyleConverter
Method Summary
 void applyProperties(StyleWithProperties style, CSVList props, boolean bInherit)
          Convert formatting properties for a specific section style.
 java.lang.String getDefaultTagName(StyleWithProperties style)
          Create default tag name to represent a section object
 OfficeStyleFamily getStyles()
          Get the family of section styles
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applyStyle, getClassNamePrefix, getStyleDeclarations
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Constructor Detail


public SectionStyleConverter(OfficeReader ofr,
                             XhtmlConfig config,
                             Converter converter,
                             int nType)
Create a new SectionStyleConverter

ofr - an OfficeReader to read style information from
config - the configuration to use
converter - the main Converter class
nType - the type of xhtml to use
Method Detail


public OfficeStyleFamily getStyles()
Get the family of section styles

Specified by:
getStyles in class StyleConverterHelper
the style family


public java.lang.String getDefaultTagName(StyleWithProperties style)

Create default tag name to represent a section object

Specified by:
getDefaultTagName in class StyleWithPropertiesConverterHelper
style - to use
the tag name. If the style is null, a default result should be returned.


public void applyProperties(StyleWithProperties style,
                            CSVList props,
                            boolean bInherit)

Convert formatting properties for a specific section style.

Specified by:
applyProperties in class StyleWithPropertiesConverterHelper
style - the style to convert
props - the CSVList object to add information to
bInherit - true if properties should be inherited from parent style(s)