Uses of Interface

Packages that use Converter

Uses of Converter in org.openoffice.da.comp.w2lcommon.filter

Methods in org.openoffice.da.comp.w2lcommon.filter with parameters of type Converter
 void FilterDataParser.applyFilterData(java.lang.Object data, Converter converter)
          Apply the given FilterData property to the given converter

Uses of Converter in writer2latex.api

Methods in writer2latex.api that return Converter
static Converter ConverterFactory.createConverter(java.lang.String sMIME)
          Create a Converter implementation which supports conversion into the specified MIME type.

Methods in writer2latex.api with parameters of type Converter
 void BatchConverter.setConverter(Converter converter)
          Define a Converter implementation to use for conversion of the individual documents.

Uses of Converter in writer2latex.base

Classes in writer2latex.base that implement Converter
 class ConverterBase
          Abstract base implementation of writer2latex.api.Converter

Methods in writer2latex.base with parameters of type Converter
 void BatchConverterBase.setConverter(Converter converter)

Uses of Converter in writer2latex.bibtex

Classes in writer2latex.bibtex that implement Converter
 class Converter
          BibTeX export This class extracts bibliographic information from an OpenDocument text file to a BibTeX data file.

Uses of Converter in writer2latex.epub

Classes in writer2latex.epub that implement Converter
 class EPUBConverter
          This class converts an OpenDocument file to an EPUB document.

Uses of Converter in writer2latex.latex

Classes in writer2latex.latex that implement Converter
 class ConverterPalette
          This class converts a Writer XML file to a LaTeX file<.

Uses of Converter in writer2latex.xhtml

Classes in writer2latex.xhtml that implement Converter
 class Xhtml10Converter
 class Xhtml11Converter
 class XhtmlMathMLConverter
 class XhtmlMathMLXSLConverter